Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1
Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1
Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1
Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1
Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1
Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1

Spoon Blossoms Starter "How-To Kit" Bundle #1

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(1) How-To Kit + (1) 1/2 Dozen Domes

With just the use of a spoon and new kitchen gadget, patent pending Bloom Rest, you can create handcrafted, unique, one-of-a-kind edible flowers...Spoon Blossoms!

Spoon Blossoms can currently be made with real Butter, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, or Hazelnut SpreadMore to come in the future!

BUNDLE #1 Contents:

1 - patent pending Bloom Rest (includes 2 Domes, 1 Blossom Stand, 1 Holding Stem)

1 - Step-by-Step Instructions & Recipe Booklet - a 20-page booklet filled with Sweet & Savory Recipes for Butter, Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter...along with extremely detailed, descriptive step-by-step instructions on how to create Spoon Blossoms! Lastly, fantastic Bake Shop Recipes to serve alongside your handmade flowers! 

1 - Full Color Sheet: Picture Friendly Step-by-Step Album (Tear, Water & Grease Resistant)

1 - FREE Gift with every purchase!

1 - set of 1/2 Dozen Domes

Future of Your Bloom Rest 

  • Purchase one time only and you can continue to grow with us! Stay tuned for our Blooming Future....
  • Once you purchase your Starter Kit, you can have a Blossom on your table in a minute. When we start to expand, all you need to do is buy add-ons (you already have the most important tool, the patent pending Bloom Rest).
  • The Stem of the Bloom Rest is what you will need to produce the following:
    • Mini Dome Blossoms: adorable Mini Blossoms, sure to make your event the talk of all your family and friends. Perfect for any event, especially weddings, showers, and any formal or informal gathering. You will already have your patent pending Bloom Rest, just purchase the Mini Domes and Blossom to complete your set.
    • Advanced Blossoms: with some ingredients, you can have a blossom without the dome. Example: a Butter Blossom with an all-butter center to petals. This process takes longer to produce, but for some well worth it. All you need to do is buy add-ons, which will have step-by-step directions and tools needed to create in Regular and Mini sizes.

In addition Welcome to the Blossom Family!  Once you purchase
your Kit, you'll become part of the Blossom Family and will receive e-recipes/e-updates. Your email is all we need to keep you in the family!

Spoon Blossoms Bloom Rest

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